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—is a dark-fantasy realm; a physical place and time representing the heights of classical high-culture—AND the cyclical—and apparently inevitable rise of decadence, degeneracy and ultimate collapse—followed then by the total destruction of that supreme edifice which is advanced society. Can this atrophy and ruinous hand of fate be halted or even reversed? Is this truly a natural phenomenon or has it been perpetrated for millennia by the same clandestine group to rob a people dry before reducing them to dust—and nothing but footnotes in another people’s history? Is nobility of spirit enough to stand in the way of these jaws of destruction? Is a return to a culture of hero worship and a stalwart stoicism enough to stop the rot and return to former glories? Can one brave soul save his/her civilization, or, are we ultimately doomed to failure—devastating ourselves for the amusement of an indifferent universe?

“VARANGIAN”—is the first novel in a series exploring this very theme so pertinent to our current age and its nihilism.

BYZANTUM—the once crown jewel of the civilized world is now a mere hedonist’s playground. Her most able general and statesman, Almuric Agricola, discovers this terminal decadence is engineered by a near-omnipotent shadow group having infiltrated the corridors of power and bent on the slaughter of the citizenry before seizing the Capitol. Almuric attempts to oust this indomitable evil, yet is branded a madman and exiled by a traitorous bureaucracy to a mountain fortress in the desert.

Whispers reach the Capitol that Almuric is harboring a mysterious princess of tremendous interest to the clandestine group and that he also employed the services of an infamous Varangian guardsman—a giant Northman mercenary. Like moths to the flame their forces coalesce upon his desolate fortress. Almuric and his barbarian axe-man are waiting—and the desert shall be awash with blood to determine who gets to keep the jewel that is Byzantum.