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The Actual Game of Thrones: Who rules you?

We are in the midst of a true “Game of Thrones”, or “Contest of Power” and THEY have subverted our destiny. THEY have stolen our future. Do you care? This is the real reason for that growing angst and quiet despair bubbling in your insides. People are starting to whisper about a Civil War and sadly that possibility no longer sounds absurd. What is pushing us with such urgency and glee towards that precipice? Why do we all just go through the motions as if there is nothing we can do? WHO has done this to us?

People have lost their trust in the social-contract that once held our societies together. Inside you know already that your politicians are ACTORS, specifically chosen for their greed, cowardice and deceit. These characteristics make them utterly controllable, and that is the ONLY reason why it is exclusively their “type” allowed into the top echelons of power. They have after all no qualms about selling out the future of the populace. Have you guessed at who supplies their scripts? Who is the voice on the other end of the line to which they respond “Yes, Master, right away Master”?

Then you know why the Media only focuses on division, stoking racial and gender conflict. The voice on the line orders them that their job is not to inform, but to dismantle, disrupt and defame those opposing their Masters. Why do you end up hating yourself after every News Bulletin? The Media is the Priestly Class, and their gospel is inescapable, drumming into your consciousness from all sides with the aim of breaking you down.

Why are THEY so desperate for you to have no exposure to beauty and greatness? This short excerpt from the book “Varangian” explains it colorfully:

Almuric: Tyrants know that in order to rule and utterly subjugate a people it is required to make them feel as tiny as possible: as feeble and devoid of agency as possible—that they are only ever worthy of being ruled and that the heel on their necks is some great benevolent thing. It is imperative to never, under any circumstances, expose them to any example of true nobility of spirit—especially no such events in their own history.

Never have them to know inspiration. The myth of nobility is no myth at all and tends to inspire earth-shattering events in the real world. Never have them know Great Souls whose hearts flared with the sacred flame of nobility and became those titans that changed the world. They gave us the gift of their greatness, the gift of their legend and example by which to light the flame in our own hearts. That is how we learn to never bent the knee again”.

This game is unimaginably ancient, the endless ruins pockmarking the Old World and Fertile Crescent is testimony as to their successes. THEY celebrate the high score they ranked up through the Millennia.

It is time to learn their rulebook. Know the strategies of the Game and finally change the score.

Want to get wise? Check out “Varangian”—Book One of the Byzantum Saga

Link: amzn.to/2KaQMRK